Panic attacks arent uncommon, everyone will probably experience at least one in their life time. This would probably happen in a situation that person finds extremely frightening as it is a normal reaction to fear or perhaps an overload of stress. But then there is Panic Disorder, and the people suffering from it.

Panic Disorder is when a sufferer experiences constant panic attacks for no real reason. For example someone suffering from this could be driving home from work and suddenly realize that a panic attack is coming on. They would probably have to quicky pull over in order to focus and not crash their car, then they would start experiencing the all to common symptoms. Sweating, chest pain, feeling they may faint, and a racing heart ect. It might sound familiar and it isn’t a great experience im sure you’ll agree. But for someone with panic disorder, this is every day, multiple times per day.

But what has coffee got to do with this? Well according to research, coffee is whats known as a stimulant, specifically a stimulant to the nervous system that can stimulate the flight or fight anxiety response in your body. And research also shows that consuming too much of this addictive, caffeine filled liquid can trigger this fight or flight response and induce a sudden panic attack. So if you have anxiety or suffer from regular panic attacks, try cutting down on your coffee intake. Or rather, on your intake with anything containing too much caffeine as it could help. How ever, caffeine is highly addictive so perhaps dont quit cold turkey and try lessening your intake day by day.

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