This will be a little less serious than my other articles on the site, but enjoy. Spoilers ahead!

For this list ill be looking at some of the psychopaths in a few TV shows that everyone loves, I decided to go with side characters in the TV shows i picked for this because there are just too many obvious choices for the main characters of a TV show, so no Hannibal Or Dexter for this one for example, (I mean the psychopath is literally the name of the show!)


Ramsay Bolton – Game of Thrones. You know when you make a list about psychopaths in TV that this guy is going to be included. First introduced to us in season 3 and formally known as Ramsay Snow, this guy quickly became a fan favorite for many because of his brilliant portrayal by actor Iwan Rheon. His hobbies include, torturing people, castrating people and skinning people alive, yikes. Bolton also decided to murder his own father to take his place as warden of the north and proceeded to viciously kill his step mother and brother! However this was short lived and his own wife then decided to give him the same fate that he gave his own brother and fed him to his dogs.


Lorne Malvo – Fargo. Contract killer Lorne Malvo is a true agent of chaos. Hes a charming hit man who can talk his way into getting a guy to kill his own wife and getting out of a police station easily. Malvo was tracked down by two other hit men as a target and managed to fight his way out of it by combining his intelligence with his great combat skills. He was killed because of his obsession with a former acquaintance he wanted to kill had set a trap for him, leading him to be defenseless when a police officer (who he had talked out of arresting him earlier in the series) shot him. This guy is so bad that there have been fan theory’s circulating that he may actually be the devil incarnate.


Sideshow Bob – The Simpsons. Starting off as nothing more than a tiny side character, who would have known that Krusty the Clowns side kick would soon become a recurring fan favorite with an uncontrollable obsession and need to kill Bart Simpson. His overly elaborate plans to kill this 10 year old boy are always foiled in the end by Bart, sometimes with the help of Lisa. Bob has got his wish of killing Bart fulfiled but unfortunately for him it was in a Halloween Tree House of Horror special so it wasnt cannon to the story.

humpsHumphry – Orange Is The New Black. Humphry is one of the many new Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans to get a job as a correctional officer in Litchfield penitentiary. This psychopath is a clear sadists, who has a deep intrest in old torture methods through history as well as doing a little bit of torturing himself, forcing an inmate to eat a baby mouse at gun point. He ended up dying due to complications from a stroke he had after being shot by an inmate.




Todd Alquist – Breaking Bad. This cold hearted but somehow innocent seeming neo-nazi guy straight up shot a young kid with out a second thought, shot his criminal partners girl friend in front of him to prove a point, and then proceeded to kidnap and enslave said criminal partner to make him cook meth for personal gain, all the while not really seemingly aware or to care about any of his actions. He met a grim demise when his capture strangled him to death after being freed from captivity.