Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD for short. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear it? Someone frantically washing there hands or somebody cleaning an already immaculate house. And of course you would be right in thinking that, but did you know about the other forms OCD can take? If not you might be surprised to hear how deep it actually goes.

A short explanation if you dont know, OCD is basically when a person suffers from uncontrollable and often very unwanted intrusive thoughts. OCD responds well to both therapy and medication treatment. It can often be fully cured or relieved by a large amount.


Hoarding Obsession – OCD takes a form in hoarding. People who hoard have the uncontrollable need to cling to useless and meaningless objects, including that persons trash! Such as empty cans and old newspapers. Hoarding is quite a common form of OCD and the severeness varies from person to person. If the situation is so bad that you can barely move through the house (think The hoarder next door) you should see your doctor and discuss the issue.

Sexual Obsession – OCD can strike people in the form of sexual thoughts, these are often distressing and unacceptable such as having a fear that you may be homosexual or you may commit a sexual crime such as pedophilia or rape, People with this type of OCD may not seek help because they are ashamed or embarrassed but the outlook and advice that i can provide is, you are NOT your thoughts, and you ARE in control of your actions. Please do seek help if your life is affected by this.

Violence Obsession – Similar to the sexual obsession form of OCD, people suffering from violence obsession may have thoughts of killing or seriously harming somebody, particularly a loved one which makes the thoughts very distressing. And like the sexual obsession OCD people often fear they will act on these thoughts, They may also think that they have already somehow done something to hurt someone. For example cooking a meal for someone and having an irrational fear that the person will get very sick from the meal, but i offer the same advice as last time you are NOT your thoughts, and you ARE in control of your actions. Please do seek help if your life is affected by this.

Food And Weight Obsession – Not to get this confused with anorexia or bulimia, however slightly similar. People with this manifestation may avoid some foods irrationally or be obsessed with what weight they are. Once again, this is an unhealthy habit to have and should be brought up with a doctor as soon as possible

OCD has many other forms that I haven’t touched on here, if you think you might be suffering from any of these, talk to your doctor. If you’d like to take an OCD test click the link. Note that the test is not a diagnoses and you should visit your doctor for a diagnoses