Why does CBT help people? Lets start by talking about what CBT is. Receiving counseling is when you see a trained professional to talk about problems you may be facing in order to receive the required help and advice to overcome these problems. This can range from anything neurological, from anxiety to depression. PTSD to OCD, and so on. Many mental and emotional problems can be cured and most can be helped through CBT

So. Why does CBT help? It is well known that even just talking about your problems can give a feeling of great relief, even if its to your friends or family. Studies show that if you’re experiencing anxiety, just the simple matter of talking about your feelings can greatly reduce symptoms.

Thought behavior patterns can be changed through the help of a counselor and the counselor will help you deal with the feelings you are experiencing. You will be taught to recognize negative thought patterns and learn how to eliminate them in exchange for more productive thoughts. How long it takes to change your thought process varies from person to person and the severity of the case, as well as the illness you have (Depression and Generalized Anxiety will probably be less severe in general than OCD or PTSD