Schizoid and Schizophrenia. Out of curiosity i asked my work colleague what he thought the word “schizoid” was. (Now Baring in mind i dont currently work in mental health although i hope to when im finished with college) and as expected he replied with “well its just another way of describing someone who has schizophrenia, isnt it?”Now obviously I dont blame him for not knowing, he has no real interest in the field of psychology, but it did make me realize that the average person would probably think the same thing if asked the same question (I dont know that for sure) But I know that I would have anyway, (if i didnt spend most of my free time researching this stuff for fun) Now before i get started, these two disorders are not similar at all really bar the names. One is a personality disorder, similar to psychopathy. And the other is an often severe mental health disorder.

Schizoid – This is a personality disorder, one of many personality disorders. This specific one belongs in “Cluster A” or group A which is the home of “odd” personalities. People with Schizoid Personality Disorder (spd) pretty much have no interest in socializing, are near emotionless and apathetic and cant form true bonds with others. This all sounds quite similar to psychopathy however it is in a different cluster of the personality disorder types.

Schizophrenia – is a disorder in which a person suffering has affected thoughts and moods because of the condition and usually begins during that persons teenage years, worsening as time goes on. Like anxiety, schizophrenia is not just one mental illness, there are different types of the condition. Check all the types here: People with schizophrenia may display symptoms like, hallucinations, delusions, paranoia and disorganized speech or thought patterns as well as other symptoms that can be found with the link.