Sweating is a common symptom that shows up when you’re feeling stressed or anxious, some will sweat from their hands, or armpits but others dont have it so easy. Some people tend to sweat from their head which isn’t so easily covered up like the others. This can feel hugely embarrassing to the person if they are in school or work, so im going to give you some tips on how you can help combat it.

First of all im going to tell you a few things that will help put your overworking mind at ease. Study’s show that people who are anxious or having a full blown panic attack tend to over estimate their own symptoms, so no, your not sweating as much as you think you are, even if it feels like a waterfall running down your forehead, and no you’re not breathing like darth vader even though you think you sound like it. But on to what can help combat embarrassing sweating.

Pocket packs – This one may seem obvious, but do you do it? Always keep a packet of tissues with you to wipe away sweat and not get any on the sleeve of your shirt, it might also seem less gross to anyone around you who sees you using tissues instead of your clothing.


Kalms – Im not sure about the Americans for this one, but here in British supermarkets you can pick up some non prescription traditional herbal medicine tablets called Kalms. This can help relieve you of stress, in turn helping with your sweating. Remember to always read the information sheet that comes with it for allergy’s and possible side affects.


Face Saver – Probably the most effective option for sweat in particular, face saver helps to stop your sweating altogether, rubbing some of this on your face (after reading its instructions) can help stop sweating greatly.